About SLS Forensics Independent Forensic Science Consultancy

Our forensic scientists provide independent expert witness consultation and testing services to all parties within the criminal justice system in particular for crimes involving biological evidence.

We are highly experienced in examination and interpretation of complex body fluid evidence, blood pattern analysis and DNA evidence including statistical evaluation and also crime scene investigation. Between us we have reported thousands of cases involving crimes against the person, the majority of which entailed DNA analysis, and have given evidence in Court on numerous occasions.

  • Examination and evidence review. We scrutinise your client’s case and provide a detailed written report (in s.9 statement format) with due regard to our duties as expert witnesses. We are abreast of the Forensic Science Regulator’s concerns about the quality of forensic science provision in the UK. For example, she has reiterated the value of the Contamination Elimination Database (CED), and urged Police Forces to fulfil their accreditation requirement to add DNA profiles from staff working at Crime Scenes to the CED. The 2018/19 Annual Report mentions over 1,1000 DNA profiles having been removed from the National DNA Database because they had been shown to be contaminant DNA profiles from police officers and staff rather than crime related DNA profiles: related link
  • Interpretation of complex (mixed) DNA profiles particularly in the light of the Forensic Science Regulator’s clear guidance that results without a statistical evaluation are not suitable to be adduced in evidence unless by agreement between all parties.
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    This despite the position of the law as described in the Appeal Court rulings of R - v - Dlugosz, R - v - Pickering and R - v - MDS [2-13] EWCA Crim 2 and R - v - Bernard [2014] EWCA Crim 2513.
  • Consideration of continuity and contamination issues. Also interpretation of DNA findings given alternative transfer possibilities such as secondary or tertiary transfers rather than as a result of direct contact.
  • Advising counsel before and during court proceedings, in particular guiding Counsel through the technical issues that complex DNA evidence presents and any potential admissibility challenges.
  • Interpretation of low template DNA results particularly in the light of the Appeals of David and Terence Reed and Neil Garmson [2009 EWCA Crim 2698] and Broughton [2010 EWCA Crim 549].
  • Checking of specialist DNA calculations produced using statistical software programs  LikeLTD, LiRa and STRmix.
  • Historic case reviews.
  • Presentation of evidence at Court including participation in Voir Dire proceedings and by Live Link or in person.
  • A full evaluation of the evidence incorporating both the prosecution and defence accounts.
  • Paternity testing and checking existing calculations.

If your enquiry does not fall within our areas of expertise we have a wide range of other experts that we are happy to recommend and who, we are sure, will be able to assist. We are very happy to discuss your case with you at no cost. We are used to providing quotations for legal aid purposes within their defined fee structure.

We are aware of our expert duties to operate within the timescales set by the Court and to provide target dates and feedback to our clients should any delays arise. We are used to providing joint agreed reports, which is a common direction from Judges these days.